Look to (ISC)² for Cybersecurity Resources and Support for Academia validmarketio, dumpsbuysu

As (ISC)2 celebrates its 25th anniversary, we continue to branch out to offer new ways to help meet the demand for more skilled cybersecurity professionals through community support programs. To help provide cybersecurity resources and support to the global academic community, I am proud to announce the launch of the (ISC)2 Global Academic Program (GAP)! My name is Dr. Jo Portillo and I am in charge of managing the development and implementation of this program. As an educator and advocate for academic-industry collaboration, I am thrilled to introduce this initiative, which has been part of the (ISC)2 vision for nearly a decade.
(ISC)2 is in a unique position to offer its educational content to colleges and universities around the world as part of this collaborative development effort required for our now digitally-dependent society. With the launch of our new Global Academic Program, we’re offering the academic community access to the largest, most current compendium of information and software security topics, regularly updated by members and industry luminaries.
Members of the (ISC)² Global Academic Program gain support for the development of focused cybersecurity curricula or the opportunity to imbed relevant cybersecurity curriculum into their existing program offerings for both undergraduate and post-graduate requirements. Classroom materials, which range from domain-specific modules and practice assessments to faculty handbooks and student textbooks are drawn from the certification CBKs. The program is open to accredited institutions interested in enhancing cyber content within their security, computing, IT or other relevant course offerings.
Our organization is doing a lot more than just providing certifications and training. We’re developing standards for a young industry that’s changing and growing rapidly. We’re on the brink of a cybersecurity revolution because the world is starting to recognize the need to develop more qualified people for this industry. (ISC)2 is part of that revolution and I believe that the Global Academic Program will go a long way to fulfill the need to educate students and prepare them to enter this workforce.
When students graduate and seek career opportunities, our globally recognized certifications help them to earn more money, have more job opportunities, advance in their careers, and connect them to a community of experts where they can receive mentoring, continuing education, and more.
In addition to the resources we have to offer, this program presents a real opportunity to become part of a global network of academic members interested in establishing a joint framework for delivering essential skills and supporting the growth of a qualified cybersecurity workforce. It’s so exciting to see this program come to fruition as a foundational part of (ISC)2’s future. We are essentially setting a standard and contributing directly to cybersecurity education and in turn, the future workforce.
Even prior to a public announcement, the academic community responded, with four universities becoming members of the GAP – Excelsior College, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Phoenix, and University of South Florida. So if you’re a member of an academic institution looking for the latest cybersecurity content to help enhance your curricula, what are you waiting for? Be part of a global network of colleges and universities that are influencing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Contact me at academic@isc2.org or visit our website for more information – https://www.isc2.org/academic/Default.aspx .
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